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Free Online Video Training Resources


computer problemsThe links provided on this page connect to tutorials that provide training, primarily on a number of different software applications, but also on selected hardware topics. Many (not all) of the tutorials are videos. The links on this page were tested for availability in early November 2010. All users are encouraged to report broken links and/or their experiences with these web sites, good, bad or indifferent, to


  1. Some of the videos can be viewed on-line, provided you have a broadband connection. While it may be possible to view the videos with a dial up connection, the results will very probably be unsatisfactory. Some of the videos can be downloaded (provided you have the patience and the time, if you are using a dial up connection). Other videos must be downloaded before they can be viewed.

  2. To view videos, you will need the most current version of one or more of the following free software applications installed on your computer:

    Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash® player. If you do not currently have it (or don't have the latest version), connect to Flash Player to download the program. A large percentage of videos (whether tutorials or not) require this program.

    Adobe Shockwave® player. If you do not currently have it (or don't have the latest version), connect to Shockwave to download the program.

    Apple QuickTime®;. If you do not currently have it (or don't have the latest version), connect to QuickTime to download the program.

  3. If one of the above programs (or the latest version of the program) is not installed on your computer, an error message should be displayed that identifies the missing program when you try to view the tutorial.

Where the software requirements (Flash, etc.) were listed on the web site, they have been included in the following descriptions:



Free and Excellent Software

This PDF document is the handout for the Free and Excellent Software class offered by the Fort Collins Senior Center.

Included in the discussion are:

  • Microsoft alternatives: "Office" software alternatives and Windows alternatives (Linux)
  • Browser and Email applications
  • Photography applications
  • Security and Utility applications
  • Audio editing, recording and format conversion
  • Plus an appendix that includes Adobe alternatives

The document contains many "clickable" links to information and download sites for the applications.

How to Backup Your Computer

This is a Portable Document Format (PDF) that you can download to your computer.

The Top Level Table of Contents:

  • Definitions
  • Hardware Options
  • Software Options
  • Windows 7 Image Backup Instructions
  • How to Use the Windows Image Backup File
  • Appendix 1: The Acronis True Image® Home Software
  • Appendix 2: Using Windows Explorer for File Backup
  • Appendix 3: How to Open the CD/DVD Drive with Computer Power Off
  • Appendix 4: Types of Backup

Security Software and How to Change It

This is a Portable Document Format (PDF) that you can download to your computer.

The Top Level Table of Contents:

  • Why Security Software?
  • Definitions
  • What Security Software Should I Use?
  • How Do I Change My Security Software?
  • More Software Utilities for Keeping Your Computer Secure and Healthy


ASAP Utilities

ASAP Utilities are "add-ins" for Microsoft Excel®. These add-ins, developed by a Dutch engineer, "automate frequently used (Excel) tasks." The utilities are free for non-commercial use. This link offers a number of videos that demonstrate how to use the ASAP utilities. Not all the videos include sound. There are also "Excel Tips" (not in video format) available on this website. Curiously, the videos start automatically, although there is a message displayed that says "Press the 'play' button to start the video." There is no Play button to click on.

AutoCADMARK Video Tutorials

AutoCAD® is the premier CAD (Computer Aided Design) software application. This web site, however, is not a web site created by the AutoCAD developer (for more info on the developer, connect to AutoCAD). It is, instead, a collection of links to free tutorials on the software. So, although it is clear that the web site was created by someone whose first language is not English, the tutorials (at least the one tested) are in clear English.

Baycon Group

For the Word 2007 tutorial, connect to

Baycon Group provides free tutorials on a variety of office, operating system and other software applications.

Camtasia Studio Tutorials

Camtasia Studio® is a software application from TechSmith that is used for screen recording. The Camtasia Studio output is used for training, demonstration and presentation videos. This link to the web site connects to a page of that web site that provides additional links to a number of additional web pages. Those web pages contain articles with screen captures (not videos) that describe how to use the Camtasia Studio software.

Camtasia Studio Video Tutorials

This link connects to a page on the TechSmith web site with links to a number of video tutorials on the Camtasia and other Techsmith software.

Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs: A Guide for Librarians and Archivists

This article was written by Fred R. Byers, a member of the technical staff in the Convergent Information Systems Division of the Information Technology Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and copublished by the Council on Library and Information Resources and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

It is non-technical but can be considered as definitive directions for long term storage of optical media such as CDs and DVDs, suitable for use by the general public as well as archivists.

GIMP Video Tutorials

GIMP is a capable open source image editing application. This link connects to the web site, which describes itself as the "GIMP Portal," and is located in Germany or Austria. There are links to tutorials available from this site (and some are videos), but make sure they are in English (unless you speak the language in which they were written) before you download them. Also, check the requirements for viewing the videos—they may require available but unfamiliar software.

There are also tutorials (but not video tutorials) available from the GIMP web site.


Good-Tutorials claims to be "...the largest source of tutorials on the web today." The web site collects tutorials—more precisely, links to tutorials—contributed by individuals, who may be amateurs or professionals. It started as a Photoshop® only web site, but now additional categories, such as CSS, Flash®, Illustrator®, Photography and other topics are offered. Not all tutorials are videos.

Google Earth Blog Video Tutorials for SketchUp to Google Earth

It is probably safe to say that most internet users have at least heard of Google Earth (which Google now describes as "The world's geographic information at your fingertips"), even if they haven't used it. That cannot be said of Google SketchUp, which is a free 3D modeling software application. The two applications can be used in combination. How? Check out the video tutorial, available from this Google Earth Blog link. You will definitely need a broadband internet connection for this tutorial, along with QuickTime.

And. by the way, there is a link to a video tutorial on Google Earth on the Google Earth homepage.

In Pictures: Computer Tutorials Based on Pictures

The premise (and promise) of this web site is: "Learn with pictures, not words." The turorials are sequences of screen captures (or perhaps presentation slides). According to the web site, "In Pictures tutorials began as part of a research study . . . conducted for the U.S. Department of Education." There are tutorials for the 2003 and 2007 versions of Microsoft Access®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Publisher® and Word®. Among others, there are tutorials for the OpenOffice 2x versions of Base, Calc, Impress and Writer.

Jimmy Ruska's Free Video Tutorials

This web site offers over a hundred videos on a wide range of topics.

This web site is included here because it is a good resource for training videos. However, none of the videos are free. If you buy the Online option (instead of the CD option), you will need a broadband internet connection and the latest version of QuickTime. tutorials now available [September 2015] for free at the Fort Collins Library. Here is an extract of their announcement:

"The Poudre River Library District recently added to its ever growing list of resources in the Research Answer Cache. Just sign in with your library card and you'll have access to hours (or years) of learning... for free! . . . .

Lynda features nine subject areas: developer, design, web, photography, business, education, 3D + animation, video, and audio + music. Each subject area includes hundreds of individual classes and video tutorials. There are more than 5,000 courses to choose from! As a whole, the site boasts more than 180,000 thousand video tutorials."

Maximize Your Battery Life - PCMagCast by PC Magazine

This video is exactly what the title says it is.

MS Office 2007 Video Tutorials

The name belongs to Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre PA. The video tutorials are only available via download and Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave are required to view them.

Office and Operating System Software, and Internet Tutorials

"® is supported by the Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc. (GCF®)., formerly GCF Global Learning®, is operated on behalf of GCF by Goodwill Industries of Eastern North Carolina, Inc. (GIENC)." This website claims to offer over 200 free tutorials (not all computer related). Many of the tutorials include videos.

A list of the computer tutorials on computer basics is available at The "office" software tutorials include (among others) Word and Excel 2007; Word 2010; Outlook 2003; Publisher 2003 and three of the Open Office applications. Other software tutorials include Windows 7 and a number of tutorials on using the internet.

For the Word 2010 tutorial, connect to This turorial was tested and recommended by a participant in the Microsoft Word classes taught by FRPCUG at the Fort Collins Senior Center.

For a list of (and links to) other computer tutorials, including the Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems, connect to


This web site was created by two University of Sussex (England) faculty members. It offers streaming video on just about any computer topic imaginable. For instance, you will find tutorial videos on the use of GIMP and also on the audio editing application Audacity. Other topics include Python, Linux, Java, Ruby and more. You can view the videos online or download for use later. If you don't have a broadband internet connection, you will probably be better off downloading the videos of interest to you.

SnagIt Tutorials

SnagIt® is a screen capture utility from the same company, TechSmith, that produces Camtasia Studio (described above). This link connects directly to a video tutorial on SnagIt.


TechRepublic is another CBS Interactive web site. It is directed toward Information Technology (IT) professionals, both technical and managerial. There are many resources available from this site (books, videos, software, downloads, forums, etc.), but, while useful to the professional or knowledgeable computer user, they will probably not be of interest to the novice or intermediate computer user.

Visual Basic How Do I Video Series

This link connects to a Microsoft "MSDN" (Microsoft Developer Network) web site that offers many resources for Visual Basic developers. Those resources include many video tutorials for a range of knowledge from beginner to expert.

Website Tutorials on How to Create a Website

There are two non-video tutorials on creating a web site available from this link. The web site is directed at beginner web site builders.

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